Magento : Paypal Russian Ruble(RUB) and Philippine Peso(PHP) currencies support patch

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Paypal has recently added support for Russian Ruble a month ago it seems.

Magento’s paypal module is unaware of it and hence paypal payment method doesn’t appear if we have RUble as our store’s base currency. So in order to add the support for the new currencies, we need to add the currency to the list of supported currencies.

Here is what we need to do:

Open up the file app/code/core/Mage/Paypal/Model/Config.php
Replace line 207
protected $_supportedCurrencyCodes = array(’AUD’, ‘CAD’, ‘CZK’, ‘DKK’, ‘EUR’, ‘HKD’, ‘HUF’, ‘ILS’, ‘JPY’, ‘MXN’,
‘NOK’, ‘NZD’, ‘PLN’, ‘GBP’, ‘SGD’, ‘SEK’, ‘CHF’, ‘USD’, ‘TWD’, ‘THB’);


protected $_supportedCurrencyCodes = array(’AUD’, ‘CAD’, ‘CZK’, ‘DKK’, ‘EUR’, ‘HKD’, ‘HUF’, ‘ILS’, ‘JPY’, ‘MXN’,
‘NOK’, ‘NZD’, ‘PLN’, ‘GBP’, ‘RUB’, ‘SGD’, ‘SEK’, ‘CHF’, ‘USD’, ‘TWD’, ‘THB’);

For maintaining Magento standards, please create your own module and override the paypal’s config model wink

I have made a patch for this. you can download it from github

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Magento orders made by paypal not shown in My orders

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If u have setup paypal on magento and made transactions using paypal. You might have noticed that the paypal orders are not shown on the “My Orders” section on the customers “My Account” section.

Wasted my whole day on this issue. Finaly found the solution to this.
It seems that setting up the api information in magento isn’t enough. This will just process the transaction and the orders will be shown in magento admin and Paypal but it won’t show the order in magento frontend and moreover there is no transaction id on the backend of magento.
So, in order to fix this issue, what we need to do is, set up paypal ipn on the paypal site.
paypal standard payments setup with ipn
This site shows how to setup paypal ipn.
Follow the steps as mentioned under the section “Turning On IPN in PayPal”

After turning on the IPN feature, perform a checkout
Aloha!!! The order appears in the “My Orders” section.

Hope, this was useful to you.